These proven wonders of a weighted blanket will make you want to get one ASAP

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A good night’s sleep — a year into a raging pandemic, it’s hard to recall the last time we enjoyed one. Nowadays, our increasingly messy schedules have gotten us either sleeping shorter, twisting and turning until we fall asleep, or going to bed miserable from the weight of the world’s troubles. 

Not having enough sleep sucks enough, but not having good enough sleep sucks even harder.

Somewhere through our collective misery during the lockdown, we got so tired — literally and figuratively — that we didn’t just transform how or when we sleep, but also what we sleep with. Enter weighted blankets, the latest wellness fad to enter our bedrooms.

Nope, weighted blankets aren’t just more blankets sewn into one. Strangely enough, science has proven that literal pressure can help ease off the figurative pressure that prevents us from having a good night’s sleep.  

How do weighted blankets work?

Weighted blankets look like typical blankets, but they’re filled with little plastic pellets that make them weigh from 3 up to 30 pounds. Its wonder lies in its this weight, an effect that experts call “pressure therapy” or “deep pressure stimulation.” 

According to Healthline, when we feel anxious, stressed, or our brains feel overworked — even if we don’t know it — our hearts beat quickly. The increased flow of blood sends the signal that our body is bound for work, even if we’re already set to sleep.

Pressure therapy or deep pressure stimulation is a strategy by occupational therapists that works by reproducing the feeling of being hugged, swaddled, or held. Simulated pressure activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which then lowers our heartbeat down to a calm rate. Basically, you become the little spoon to your weighted blanket.

But there’s more to weighted blankets than just the promise of deep sleep. Long-standing research about its benefits also shows that weighted blankets also help those struggling with anxiety disorders by relaxing their autonomic nervous system and preparing their body for rest. It may also help those with osteoarthritis or chronic muscle pains as it applies light pressure to the joints.

It doesn’t even have to be used for sleeping. Weighted blankets can also be of use to children who have ADHD or autism by engaging their somatosensory system — their sense of touch — to reduce the feeling of over-stimulation and to help them focus. They work the same way as weighted vests do in this regard.

When don’t I need weighted blankets?

As sleep is a good thing to have, it’s hard to argue against the magic of weighted blankets. But there are a few cases when you should NOT wrap yourself in one.

According to experts from Harvard Medical School, if you have unobstructed sleep apnea, asthma or other chronic respiratory problems, or claustrophobia, a weighted blanket may cause disrupted breathing or a triggering feeling of tightness that otherwise hampers your sleep.

Where can I buy weighted blankets?

Stop counting sheep and shop among these local merchants of weighted blankets:

Blanket Hugs

Blanket Hugs’ weighted blankets include a duvet cover made of bamboo cotton and are available in three colors, cloud whitelazy grey, and slumber beige. Their weights and sizes range from “kids” with 7 lbs. (P4,499) up to “king/queen” with 30 lbs. (P9,499).

Cuddle Buddy

Cuddle Buddy has shipped more than 300 pieces of their bamboo cotton-lined weighted blankets in the past few months. Their weights and sizes range from a twin size (about 12 to 15 lbs.) for P2,695 to a king size (about 15 to 20 lbs.) for P3,295.

Blanket Comforts

Blanket Comforts specialize in premium weighted blankets that are made of breathable cotton fiber and filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless glass beads. Their blankets come in light gray and white, and range from a kids size (7 lbs.) for P5,999 to a queen-size (15 lbs.) for P9,499.

Bear Hugs Weighted Blankets

For those with sprawling beds, Bear Hugs Weighted Blankets offer large-sized weighted blankets. These include an antique size (48 by 72 in.; 15 lbs.) P,3199 and queen size (60 by 80 in.; 20 lbs.) for P4,100. Their blankets come in dark grey and cloud grey colors.

Linen and Homes

Linen and Homes is one of the forerunners in the game, with their “Tranquility” weighted blankets being one of their bestsellers. It comes in three sizes, each including a dark gray removable cover: a small-sized 40×50” (5 lb.) for P3,450; in antique 48×72” (12l lb.) for P4,950; and in a queen-sized 60×80” (15 lb.) for P5,950.


Suenyo prides itself on premium-made and durable weighted blankets and offers two weight options for their two largest blanket sizes. They have a single size (15 lbs.) for P7,000; a queen size for P7,500 (15 lbs.) and P8,000 (20 lbs.); and a king size for P8,500 (15 lbs.) and P9,000 (20 lbs.). These come in light gray, white, and navy blue.

 Good Mood Blankets

Good Mood Blankets keeps it simple and elegant by offering just one size across multiple colors and weight options. They only offer antique-sized (48×52”) weighted blankets (P6,250) which are available in cool white and light gray and in a 5.5 kg. and 6.8 kg. variant.


Doozy’s premium weighted blankets are care of local seller Craft & Galley. They have two sizes: a smaller 38×48” (5lbs) worth P1,999 which comes with a turquoise bamboo cotton cover, and a queen-size 60×80” (20 lbs.) worth P2,999, which comes with a grey bamboo cotton cover.

Weighted blankets might post a premium price, but they’re worth it if you don’t want bags under your eyes.


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