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This is Your WhatsApp Hacks Guide

This is Your WhatsApp Hacks Guide
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Since it was launched in 2009, WhatsApp has evolved to become the most engaged instant messaging platform in the world. Despite its massive popularity though, not everyone is aware of the cool tools you can use on the Facebook-owned platform. 

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, here are some WhatsApp features you might not be aware of:

  1. Changing text format. You can add another layer of indention to your messages by making them bold, italics or strikethrough. To do this, you just have to add a couple of characters before and after the text: * bold * , _cursive_ and ~ crossed out ~ .
  2. Temporary messages. Are you discussing confidential information? Well, you can send self-destructing messages by touching the name of the contact within the chat. You then select the Messages option and turn on the Temporary Messages switch.
  3. Highlight important messages. If there’s an important message in your chat, you can highlight it by marking them with a star by pressing on them and leave them as favorites to locate them.
  4. Mark a conversation as unread. Did you open a message you need to get back to in the future? Just click on the chat for a few seconds and select the option “Mark as unread” so you can get back to that person later. 
  5. Opt not to save photos and videos. If you’re running low on memory, you can spare yourself from being saturated with the photos and videos sent to you. You just have to go to the Settings menu of the app and select Chats. There, you just have to deactivate the option Visibility of multimedia files.

Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp have made communicating with workmates, family, and friends so much more convenient. Amid everything going on, it’s helped so many people keep in touch, so it would be great if you could maximize its features.

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