Time to invest in reusable straws because DENR may soon ban its plastic counterpart

Reusable straws like bamboo and metal aren’t new, but the majority of us still rely on the plastic straws that establishments offer whenever we order drinks. Plastic straws have become a part of our daily lives that even with the awareness that it’s bad for the environment, we continue to use it anyway. 

However, this may soon change because the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC) classified plastic straws along with coffee stirrers as Non-Environmentally Acceptable Products and Packaging (NEAP). Because of this, the two products may be banned soon. 

Once the resolution that classifies plastic straws and coffee stirrers as NEAP is published, establishments will have one year to get rid of these items. But since there are many types of straws in the market (milk tea straws, anyone?), the specifications on which types of plastic products will be allowed under this ban are still under discussion.

While it may be a while since we eradicate plastic straws in the country, you can start reducing your waste by getting yourself a reusable alternative. You can check out the stores below to choose which one you like best for yourself:

Sip PH


The Bamboo Company 




Green Selections 


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Pexels

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