Top Benefits of a Long-Distance Relationship

When anyone mentions the deadly “long-distance relationship,” the most common response is to split up. Immediately.

For many, the thought of their significant other being a town, country, or continent away is a deal-breaker, as they don’t want to handle cheating, being physically alone, and so on and so forth. But for many others, long-distance relationships have actually been a blessing.

You learn a couple of things about each other and some values of your own when dealing with a loved one who lives far, far away. If you’re second-guessing whether or not to go for that LDR, we’ll give you a couple reasons of why you should.

You communicate better

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LDR couples can attest that living hundreds or thousands of miles away can give rise to more challenges in terms of communication. Between timezones, jobs, and other personal business, resolving conflict can get difficult and hard to navigate. As a result, LDR couples learn that clear and swift communication becomes of the utmost importance. Talking about feelings more clearly and more often eventually becomes the norm, as couples learn how to express themselves without having to see each other in person.

You get creative with dates

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In the modern age, video chats and calls are the only way these kinds of romances could ever survive. Because there’s no physical spending of time together, couples learn to get fun and creative with their dates. That means online cooking dates, Netflix parties, and tons of interactive games. It may not feel the same as being together, but it sure is an enjoyable way to close the distance.

Your trust in each other will strengthen

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The top concern that many individuals have about LDR is cheating. They worry that their S.O. will find someone new, or try to sneak in someone new into their relationship. Those who’ve experienced LDR will know that these thoughts come to mind one way or another. But choosing to trust someone, even if they aren’t within your reach, eventually helps to build a solid foundation for the relationship. Once one partner becomes comfortable with the other being out and about while they’re at home, they’ll both see that their faith in the relationship will grow much stronger.

You’ll know each other better

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Long-distance relationships are basically talking, talking, and more talking. While it seems impossible, couples can actually get to know each other even better when they’re apart. Without the physical distractions and mundane routine of being attached to the hip, romantic partners will find that there’s a lot more to their partner that they have yet to find out.

You will appreciate your partner like never before

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Have you ever heard of the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” It’s 100% true. When partners are physically separated for long periods of time, they find that they appreciate the little things in their relationship much more. The extra 5-minute call to catch up on each other’s day or the surprise gifts sent at random times feels way more meaningful than it would have before.

So, if you’re looking for a sign — this is it! Go for that LDR and do it right. You’ll learn so much about your partner and yourself when you embark on the special long-distance relationship journey together.

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