8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Bookworms This Holiday

Looking for the perfect gift for a bookworm? Whether that person is you or a friend, bibliophiles deserve something special this holiday. Sure, you could just pick out a new novel or a subscription box, but you could also get a little more creative. Here are some book-themed gift ideas that readers will appreciate.

Scented Candles

Scentfolk Studio’s Classic Collection encapsulates everything we want to feel when getting acquainted with a new book. It’s the perfect scented candle to set the mood for each reading session.

8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Bookworms This Holiday
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Reading Light

If you’re the type to stay up trying to finish a gripping novel, a light panel is a must-have. Unlike your typical reading lamp, its battery operated and portable, so you can use it even when on the go.

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Tote Bag

Tote bags are great for carrying all your literary finds and other everyday essentials. Lucky for you, we found a Shakespearean canvas that checks both design and function.

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Stickers and Button Pins

Paperaica Shop has the cutest novelty items for book lovers and stationery enthusiasts alike. The hand-drawn stickers and button pins add a nice personal touch to any of your belongings.

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Magnetic Bookmark

What sets Papemelroti’s bookmarks from the rest is that it’s made entirely of recycled paper and designed by award-winning graphic artist Robert Alejandro. Plus, the magnetic closing means you don’t have to worry about the placeholder slipping out.

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Aesthetic Bookend

We recommend these vinyl bookends for both audiophiles and bibliophiles. It prevents your books from collapsing and doubles as a shelf display.

vinyl bookends
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Statement Coffee Mug

Bookworms will relate to the witty statements on this coffee mug. Pour yourself a cup of caffeine before you immerse yourself in a fictional world, and you’re set.

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Kindle Paperwhite

While it’s not for everyone, a Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal device for individuals who are constantly on the move. It’s light, offers quick access to a digital library, and doesn’t emit blue light that could strain your eyes.

kindle paperwhite black 1
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