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Desk Lamps That Will Make You Feel Inspired

Creating a workstation that’s inspiring to work on doesn’t have to take much effort. Simply decluttering your space and sprucing it can boost productivity. Just by adding a desk lamp, you can change the ambiance of your room and have something new to gaze at when you get tired of staring at your computer screen.

Clamshell Lamp

Put a nautical touch to your space with the Little Mermaid-inspired lamp. Inside the clamshell is a pearl that glows and it’s available in the cutest pastel colors. Complete your collection with matching shell-shaped pillows and a shell vase, and you’ll have Ariel complimenting you about how neat everything is.

Sun Projector Lamp

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a pretty sunrise or sunset? While nothing could compare to the beauty of the real thing, this could be your next best bet if you’re stuck indoors. They brighten your evenings and your room, plus you don’t have to wait for the golden hour anymore.

Folding Book Lamp

Bookworms will love this lamp that’s designed like a book. Once you open it up, it reveals an illuminating surprise. They’re perfect for setting the mood for when all you want to do is cozy up and read. Even closed up, it still makes for great décor.

3D Moon Lamp

With this lamp, you can marvel at the moon without having to glance outside your window. It’s small enough to fit on your desk or bedside table and adds a warm feeling to the room. It also changes color from pale yellow, to orange, to blue with a touch switch.

Personalized Lamp

Looking for a gift that will cheer up your loved one? How about getting them a personalized vector lamp. This online store can turn your favorite photo into a radiating desk piece. They don’t only do couple portraits; you could also get a figure of your family, your pet, or a memorable place.

These decorative lamps would complement any space, not just the workstation. Place them around your home and it will instantly add character to the room.

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