Got a Bad Back? Here Are Some Ways You Can Relieve That Back Pain

Back pain can come as a result of age, bad posture, or continuous stress on your back area. Whatever the reason, it happens and it happens to most of us. Surprisingly, a lot of younger people are reporting back pain in their early to mid-twenties, which can tell a lot about how our lifestyle affects us.

To relieve your back pain and work towards a healthier body, try these tips!


Got a Bad Back? Here Are Some Ways You Can Relieve That Back Pain
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It’s not a secret that you have to keep moving to keep your muscles engaged and prevent stiffness. Exercise doesn’t have to mean doing full body workouts, but can be as simple as stretching or going for walks. Calming practices like tai chi and yoga can really help loosen you up and prevent future back pain from occurring.

Physical therapy

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Massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic techniques are all options available to those feeling back pain. Massages especially can relax aching and tense muscles, while spinal manipulation (a chiropractic technique) can cause significant change in the way your back feels.

Drugstore relief

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For those looking for faster results, take a visit to your local drugstore to buy some quick-relief meds. Salonpas, Katinko, and Tiger Balm are age-old soothing medications great for instant comfort. Essential oils like peppermint and lavender also help to ease pain.

Modified sleeping habits

Did you know that the way you sleep affects your back? You can improve symptoms of back pain by sleeping with a rolled up towel underneath your lower back and a small pillow under the knees. This will reduce the amount of stress put on your back as you catch up on rest. Alternatively, side sleepers can sleep with a pillow in between their knees to achieve the same results.

Self-care and extra supplements

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Sometimes, the key to relieving back pain is to relax. All the tension and stress put on your body every day keeps your muscles tense and stiff. Epsom salt baths are known to reduce soreness and stress, as well as soothe skin. Take a dip in warm water to let the salt work its way into your muscles. You can also try taking herbal supplements like devil’s claw and willow bark to reduce back pain.


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