Hey 90s girls: care to buy Bottega Veneta $2,000 “phone cord” necklace?

Hey 90s girls: care to buy Bottega Veneta $2,000 "phone cord" necklace?
(Image: Bottega Veneta via Hypebeast)

Is this what young people call Hotline Bling?

Luxury brands are never out of the limelight for the ridiculous price tags they put on otherwise mundane objects that resemble everyday things. Remember the almost $600 zip tie bling and the $700 “safety pin” bracelet? You get the drill.

Now, the luxury brand that’s hogging the spotlight for all the wrong reasons looks to be Italian jeweler Bottega Veneta, whom the Internet caught making $2,000 for a bracelet that looks like a “phone home cord.

Officially, the Italian luxury brand labels the ware as a “coiled necklace” made from sterling silver that’s coated in enamel. It features a hook fastener and is also available in colors “Grass,” “Lavender,” and “Bianco.” Besides these, there’s not much else going on, and there’s definitely not enough to justify shelling out almost a hundred thousand pesos for bling that looks like hair bands women from the 90s would use.

Don’t take our word for it — you can take the word of fashion watchdog Diet Prada instead.


Despite the raised eyebrows it’s been getting, this is hardly the first time Bottega Veneta caused a stir. Earlier this month, the brand also (unironically) released a colorful floral-beaded necklace that looks like you can buy it off Etsy. The clincher? It sells for a steep $3,081, or around P150,000. Whack? Whack.

Founded in 1966, Bottega Veneta is a luxury fashion house based in Milan, Italy. Since 2019, English fashion designer Daniel Lee has served as Bottega’s creative director, who swore to preserve the brand’s emphasis on “well-crafted, logo-less, and simplicity-driven” pieces. 

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