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Nike Supports Mothers By Expanding Its Maternity Collection

Because a mother’s journey doesn’t end after giving birth.

A mother’s job is often overlooked. Motherhood doesn’t end after childbirth. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. That means mothers are the ultimate endurance athletes. Nike designed its new maternity collection with those athletes in mind.

First launched in 2020, Nike has now expanded its maternity collection. Nike (M) aims to support women across the globe during their pregnancies and beyond. It’s designed and tested for mothers by mothers.

All the pieces in the collection offer mothers the freedom to move comfortably. Nike has also committed to creating inclusive, stylish, and high-performing athleisure wear. This is in line with their goal to encourage women to stay in shape throughout their lives.

Designers asked nearly 30 female athletes for their opinions during the design process. Those athletes gave their input on fit, feel, and function. They weren’t just any female athletes. They were all either pregnant or had given birth.

“Being a mother isn’t a one size fits all role. We applied that mindset and our inclusive design approach in creating the collection,” says Carmen Zolman. Zolman is Nike’s VP of Innovation Apparel Design.

“The more we listened to expecting mothers and postpartum mothers, the more we learned and reworked the capsule to support her relationship with movement and sport during such a transformative time in her life,” Zolman adds.

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Filipino mothers can now have access to Nike (M). They’re available on Nike’s official website and in all retail stores across Manila.

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