Pastel Workout Equipment for an Aesthetic Home Gym

So you think you’re ready to invest in your own home gym? Outdoor runs and bodyweight exercises are a great way to start your fitness journey but having the right equipment at home will surely level up your workouts. Check out these stores that have the cutest equipment for your fitness and aesthetic goals.

Peach Queen PH

As if their brand’s name isn’t already a dead giveaway, they have pink workout equipment that is both pretty and practical. Get ready to do full-body workouts with their resistance bands, jump ropes, core sliders, and even boxing gloves for that full-body workout. If you don’t know what exercises to do, their Instagram page also has useful tips and guides.


Apart from selling stylish and comfortable workout clothes, this store also has a collection of pastel-colored workout equipment. Heavy lifting isn’t for everyone but added even light weights can intensify your workouts. Shop their weighted jump ropes and wrist wrights for that added challenge during your reps.

The Sweat Club PH

This Instagram store offers same-day delivery and basically has all the sporting goods you’ll need for your home workouts. Whether you’re looking for activewear sets, yoga equipment, or weights, they’ve got you covered. Spot their Cotton Candy Pink and Purple Passion collection for a well-curated list of items to add to your home gym.

Fit Nation MNL

Although their Instagram handle is @Yogamatmnl, they sell more than that. Choose from their wide range of weights, yoga equipment, and an ab roller to activate your muscles, then grab one of their post-workout items like a massage gun and portable rechargeable juicer. You can also find them on Shopee to shop the full catalog.

These pastel workout equipment are perfect for beginners and those with small spaces. Share your purchases online and inspire others to get active, too.


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