DepEd’s New Memorandum Is A Big Win For The LGBTQIA+ Community

We can finally express ourselves without discrimination!

When I was in elementary and high school, living according to my gender was challenging. Being reprimanded or shunned was a possibility. I know a lot of queer people can relate. But now, thanks to the DepEd’s new memorandum, LGBTQIA+ kids and teachers no longer have to hide!

What does the memorandum say?

The memorandum says LGBTQIA+ people under Basic Education can now express themselves. Not only can they say they’re queer, but they can live according to their gender expression!

Trans people can wear whatever uniform they feel is right for them. Yes, if you’re trans, you can express yourself through your clothes and hair now. That’s a big win! The same goes for pronouns. What’s more, the memorandum covers students and teachers in private and public schools. That’s another big win!

The memorandum’s goal is to prevent gender-based abuse and discrimination in schools. So, if you cishets think you’re excluded, you’re not. This is for everyone.

DepEd also said the memorandum might help educate people. If you think about it, with queer people now allowed to be who they are, cishets must adjust. They have to learn. So, in a way, gender studies will become part of the curriculum in all schools!

What does this mean for the community?

Because the Philippines is so conservative, it’s difficult to bring up this topic. Case in point: the SOGIE Bill is still not a law. But this could lead to societal change. After all, education is the foundation of our society. Because schools are becoming more inclusive, we could have a “reformatted” Philippines. The LGBTQIA+ community could be safer.

This means a younger generation of queer kids no longer have to worry about who they are at school. This means queer kids and faculty will get active protection from bullies.

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The bad news is that this memorandum only covers those under Basic Education. No one knows if CHED is planning to issue a similar order.

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