Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox Reunite To Buy Smosh Back

The two bought the rights back from YouTubers Rhett and Link

YouTube comedic duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla announced on June 21 that they have repurchased their channel Smosh.

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In a four-minute video, co-founder Anthony, who is of Filipino descent, explained his return to Smosh after leaving in 2017. This time, he and Ian are the complete owners of the channel once again.

The duo created the channel in 2005, predating YouTube’s monetization program. Known for lip-syncs and short sketches, Smosh gained popularity as one of the most subscribed channels from 2007 to 2009. They later reclaimed the top spot from 2013 to 2014.

Ian said, “Anthony and I created Smosh as a way to make each other laugh and have fun.”

Due to the increasing demands of content creation on YouTube, they decided to sell their company to Defy Media in 2011. Anthony shared, “We were approached by a company who offered to buy Smosh, and they promised to turn it into everything we ever dreamed of.”

Yet, after over a decade with Smosh, Anthony departed, stating that the “company’s goals were just too different from my own.” Smosh remained under Defy Media’s ownership until 2018 when the company shut down. This left Smosh and other popular YouTube channels without a company.

In 2019, Mythical Entertainment, owned by YouTube content creators Rhett and Link, acquired Smosh, ensuring its survival. Ian took on a leadership role and gained full creative control.

After reconnecting in 2022, Ian and Anthony came up with the idea of buying back Smosh. They wanted to reclaim the ownership of the channel. Their announcement received immediate support from fans, with their independent YouTube channel reaching 3 million views.

Former owners at Mythical Entertainment also expressed their support, stating, “We couldn’t think of a more perfect outcome on our investment than selling Smosh back to the internet’s other iconic best-friend duo.”

Ian reassured fans that their other channels, Smosh Pit and Smosh Games, will remain unscripted. The main channel, however, will bring back the iconic comedy sketches that were the foundation of their duo.

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