Ash Ketchum Officially Retires From The Pokemon Series After 25 Years

It’s time to say goodbye to everyone’s favorite Pokémon trainer

Ash Ketchum, the iconic protagonist of the Pokémon anime series, has been a beloved character for over two decades. After many years of adventures and challenges, Ash Ketchum retires officially from the series.

The news saddened fans worldwide, but they are grateful for the many memories and experiences that Ash has given them.

Ash’s retirement was announced after the conclusion of the “Pokémon Journeys” series. There, viewers saw him travel to many regions and meet new friends and foes.

Ash Ketchum retires
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In the latest episodes, Ash accomplished his ultimate goal of becoming the champion of the World Coronation Series. He cemented his status as one of the greatest trainers of all time. But, Ash’s journey didn’t end there.

In the last episode of the “Pokémon Sun & Moon series,” titled “Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!,” viewers see Ash’s journey in the Alola region end as he prepares to leave for his next adventure. Throughout the episode, Ash and his friends reminisced about their adventures in Alola. The Pokémon champion also said goodbye to the friends they’ve made along the way.

The episode ends with Ash and Pikachu gazing at the sunset, reflecting on their journey together. It’s a bittersweet moment that captures the essence of Ash’s character. A passionate and determined trainer who never gives up on his dreams.

While some fans are still hoping for Ash to continue his adventures in future series, his retirement marks the end of an era in the franchise. But, fans can still relive Ash’s most significant moments by re-watching their favorite episodes.

Ash Ketchum’s retirement from the Pokémon series marks the end of a long and memorable journey. Yet, his impact on the franchise and its fans will never be forgotten.

As the saying goes, “once a trainer, always a trainer.” Ash will always be remembered as one of the best trainers ever to grace the Pokémon world.

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