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Not Just Water! Viral Student Drink Water Rivera Lands First Endorsement

Drink Water Rivera won’t just be drinking water these days!

Trending personality Drink Water Rivera is taking his passion for hydration to the next level as Gatorade No Sugar’s new endorser.

The unlikely endorser is a communications student from Far Eastern University who rose to fame online due to his distinctive name.

For Gatorade, selecting Rivera as their new endorser was more than just joining the much-talked-about topic online. But rather, about incorporating hydration in everyone’s lifestyle.

Drink Water Rivera’s Story

After capturing the internet’s insatiable interest in individuality, Gatorade decided to tell Rivera’s story through a mockumentary. The video masterfully combines witty humor with a charmingly Filipino cultural touch. It shifts the conversation from Rivera drinking water to him  drinking Gatorade No Sugar. 

Pinaglihi daw ako ni Mama sa tubig, kaya ang pinangalan niya sa akin, Drink Water. ‘Yan ang totoo kong pangalan,” the student says. He does this while surrounded by pails, bottles, and jugs behind him.

The next clips show a young Rivera stacking water bottles, hugging a fire hydrant, and blowing out a water bottle cake.

 “Mula noon, hydration is my identity,” Rivera quips.

These are followed by clips of present-day Rivera cosplaying as a pouring pitcher and asking for water (on the rocks) at a bar. After this, he was seen drinking from a water fountain instead of chocolate fondue and getting a “Drink Water” tattoo.

DrinkWater BacktoBack

His fictional bedroom even consists of a waterbed made from a swimming pool, a five-gallon bottle for a lamp, and a water drum for a desk.

Rivera then promotes the Gatorade No Sugar beverage as a preferred drink post-workouts and exercising. After this, he completed his tattoo with “Drinks Gatorade” under his name.

The film goes beyond entertainment and educates viewers about the little-known fact that sweat causes more than just water loss. 

It emphasizes the importance of proper hydration and sheds light on the effects of sweat on the human body. Gatorade No Sugar then comes in with its necessary electrolytes that can replenish what you’ve lost through sweat.

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