“Encantadia” 2016 Stars Meet New Generation in New Sang’gre Teaser

“Encantadia” 2016 Sang’gres face off with their successors in the show’s latest teaser

The “Encantadia” Sang’gres have finally met their successors.

This happens at least in the new Sang’gre teaser that GMA-7 launched as part of the promotion of the upcoming spin-off, “Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre.”

However, this teaser is not yet a snippet of what to expect from the series but rather, an omnibus plug where the 2016 cast members meet the new Sang’gres.

Set in a party backdrop, the teaser begins with the 2016 Sang’gres being reintroduced to the viewers together with party drinks that correspond to their elemental gem: Sanya Lopez as Danaya, the keeper of the earth gem; Glaiza de Castro as Pirena, the guardian of the fire gem; Kylie Padilla as Amihan, the keeper of the air gem; and Gabbi Garcia as Alena, the guardian of the water gem.

The teaser was set in a worldly, modern backdrop as they were not speaking in deep Filipino or Enchan, the Encantadia language.

Rather, Alena can be heard telling her sisters, “Chill lang, mga sis.”

new Sang'gre teaser

As they were partying, they saw the four silhouettes coming to the bar—which were later revealed to be the new Sang’gres: Bianca Umali (Terra, new keeper of the earth gem), Kelvin Miranda (Adamus, new keeper of the water gem), Faith Da Silva (Flamarra, new guardian of the fire gem), and Angel Guardian (new keeper of the air gem).

new Sang'gre teaser

As if to welcome their successors, Danaya says, “Ayan na sila.”

Alena says, “Very promising,” while Pirena blurts out, “Malakas ito.”

Amihan then tells her sisters, “Esta Sectu,” which is the Enchan term for “Humanda na kayo!

They then meet each other eye to eye, with their eyes lighting up with their gem’s color.

new Sang'gre teaser
new Sang'gre teaser

The teaser ends with the new Sang’gres holding their gems and the 2016 Sang’gres then supporting their successors.

new Sang'gre teaser

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“Encantadia” director shares story about new Sang’gre teaser

After the teaser was launched during the GMA New Year Countdown on January 1, 2024, “Encantadia” director Mark Reyes uploaded his photo with the 2016 Sang’gres from the plug shoot.

He revealed that the 2016 lead cast is back for “Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre.”

He wrote, “I can finally post this. Yes, the OG 2016 Sanggres are back for Sang’gre! @glaizaredux @kylienicolepadilla @gabbi @sanyalopez It was like no time passed when we got together earlier this December to shoot the teaser. #millenialsanggres @gmaencantadia @gmanetwork”

On December 29, Direk Mark already revealed on Instagram that it was he who conceptualized the omnibus plug and even thought that it might not be approved.

He shared, “I thought this teaser concept of mine for Sang’gre wasn’t going to be approved. But it made it pass the storyboard phase and you’ll get to see the ALL STAR plug soon!

“Avisala Eshma to entire GMA Post for making it happen!”

On December 15, Direk Mark also shared a photo on the set where Sanya Lopez and Bianca Umali, who play mother-and-daughter and both the keepers of the earth gem, are together for the first time.

Direk Mark wrote, “The Millennial and the Next Gen Sanggres with Emre. The epic first time that the mother and daughter was on the set together. @sanyalopez @bianxa #sanggre @gmanews @gmanetwork”

“Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre” first introduced its cast in November 2023. Soon after, tapings have already commenced.

However, the show is not yet part of the plug for GMA-7 2024 offerings, leading fans to think that the airing is pushed back to 2025.

GMA-7 has yet to release more details about “Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre.”

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