First Look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana Stuns the Internet

The first photos of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana are here and the internet is going crazy over the resemblance. Stewart will be playing the People’s Princess in Spencer, Pablo Larraín’s upcoming Princess Diana biopic. 

More than 20 years since her tragic death has passed, the controversial royal still has everyone’s hearts and attention. From dozens of documentaries about her hardships and eventual passing to various forms of historical fiction about her, Princess Diana’s story is still one that audiences are consistently enthralled by. So it wasn’t a surprise when a biopic about her was announced last year.

What was a surprise, however, was that the actress chosen to portray the princess is Twilight and Charlie’s Angels star Kristen Stewart. Many wondered if the American actress could pull off playing one of the most iconic and most beloved Brits in modern history.

The first picture was officially released last week. In the shot, Stewart dons Princess Diana’s iconic hair and an elegant red ensemble. She also absolutely nails the princess’ trademark head tilt and pensive gaze.

Leaked set photos are also making rounds online because of how unrecognizable Kristen Stewart is. You almost have to do a double-take to make sure it really is the actress and not Princess Di herself. 

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Of course, we can’t tell much about Stewart’s performance just from a few pictures, and we’ll have to wait and see until the movie drops.

Spencer is slated to premiere later this year. Unlike most biopics that recount Princess Diana’s entire life in the spotlight all the way up to her death, the story that this movie tells takes place in one weekend. Specifically, it will be set on a Christmas weekend in the ‘90s. The film will delve into her decision to leave Prince Charles and her bond with her sons, highlighting her rediscovery of who she is and can be without the crown. 

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