Hailey Bieber Posts Selena Gomez’s Song On Her IG Story Amid Drama

When is all the drama going to end?

Did Hailey Bieber throw another shade at Selena Gomez in her Instagram Stories? Fans following the drama surrounding the two spotted that Bieber posted a story playing Gomez’s song. Well, kind of.

On her Instagram story, Bieber reposted a video of someone unboxing her skincare brand, Rhode skincare package. In the post, Bieber included Rema’s “Calm Down,” but it was the version without Gomez.

@donttellmymomma.fr i think she announced war with her story. Let us start. #haileybieber #selenagomez ? Originalton – THE TRUTH

Gomez was featured on the song back in 2022, which arguably made the song more popular with over 465 million Spotify streams. The original versionj only had 309 million streams.

Bieber and Gomez have not responded to the speculation, but many have assumed it was a dig in light of their current conflict.

Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner vs Selena Gomez?

The internet has been dragging Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner for the past few days.

Bieber was recently entangled in a dispute with Jenner after the latter posted a snapshot of her and Bieber’s brows on Instagram. Fans noticed that Jenner posted the picture hours after Gomez posted a video after over-laminating her brows.

Jenner denied the drama rumors, saying she had “no shade” for Selena and hadn’t even seen the initial post.

Bieber and Jenner have lost 800,000 Instagram followers altogether since the brow incident. This made it easier for Selena to surpass Kylie to become the most-followed woman on Instagram. But it didn’t affect the two stars since they still have millions of followers.

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