Jake Cuenca Admits Keeping Tabs On Chie Filomeno Before Rekindling Relationship With Her

Jake Cuenca on his relationship with Chie Filomeno: “When the opportunity was there, I jumped on it”

Jake Cuenca confesses to keeping an eye on Chie Filomeno prior to reigniting their relationship. 

After previously admitting that Chie was his greatest TOTGA (or The One That Got Away), Jake doubles down by revealing how she would often cross his mind after they first tried dating.

Smiling, he shares, “We dated na before and then. So, this is the second time around… 

“That’s [Chie] one person na, siguro, I kept tabs on. Yung parang I always wished her well and then at the same time, when the opportunity was there, I jumped on it… I guess.” 

As if fate was on Jake’s side, he found the right moment to mingle with the actress during the Star Magic Christmas Ball in 2022. Yet, from then on, the two often prefer shutting out the public from further details on their relationship for privacy’s sake.

In an interview with select members of media–including FreebieMNL–on March 20 at Pandan Asian Cafe, the “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” actor breezed through what urged him to pursue Chie once again.

Jake says, “Without saying too much, I think the universe took care of that for the both of us. 

Nagkita kami sa Christmas ball ng Star Magic and everything happened from there. At saka yung timing, kasi both single, ganyan. So parang I think the universe figured that out… It became very easy so, ang galing.

Jake Cuenca

While the real score between the two remains unlabelled, the actor consistently shows admiration for the actress in his interviews. He describes Chie as his source of happiness and inspiration. 

The actor says about Chie, “One thing that I really, really like about her or really admire about her is her journey. 

Sobrang pasensya niya. So, it’s not something that she says to me, but she definitely teaches me. She teaches me patience. And patience is the hardest lesson to learn in this life, di ba? Natututunan ko rin yun sa kanya by her example.”

Furthermore, Jake speaks of the very reason why he has kept tabs on Chie for some time.

He continues, “Aside from her being very beautiful, her personality, her family, and also her belief, and like I said, her journey, is just as beautiful as she is for me.

“When you see her, it’s a really beautiful woman, di ba? But when you get to talk to her, it’s something even better. 

“Actually, she knows this na… for me, I do prefer ‘pag hindi siya ayos kasi I think it best explains her inner beauty, and for me, her inner beauty is even more beautiful than she is in-person.”

For now, neither of the pair has officially confirmed their relationship status. Jake says he is content with where they are at present, and would like their matters to stay private.

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Closing a book from the past

Coming from his past relationships, Jake learns to keep his current one lowkey from the public’s eye. That way, it is more intimate for Jake.

He says, “I’m better at it now and only because it’s a bit more private. 

“Like, kami naman, we’re not keeping it a secret pero parang now, it’s a lot easier when it’s private… there’s no pressure posting things.

“There’s no pressure in a lot of things and plus, it feels more personal kasi, you know, the things I share with Chie, di ba? I just share it with her. I don’t share it with the whole world anymore.”

And the actor extends his gratitude to all his exes for this, as he considers them a part of his improvement. 

In his words, “I’ll take the opportunity to thank all my relationships in the past because it’s put me in this position na just logical and rational.”

His previous relationship lasted three years with Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa. Jake split ways with in 2022. 

Now, Jake can say he is in a happier place, and he is shaping himself into becoming a man who knows better, not only as a partner, but also as an actor. 

Finally, he concludes the topic in a civil manner.

He says, “I’m thankful for the breakup because I learned a lot of things. Ang dami kong natutunan sa sarili ko

“When it was good, I was grateful for it. When it was bad, I’m still grateful for it. So, I’m in a good place right now a tsaka two years na yon, let’s close the book on that already. She’s happy. I’m very happy.”

Jake also engraves these learnings in his heart, the reason why he continues working on himself tirelessly and is able to present a better version of himself.

Determined, the 36-year-old Kapamilya actor says, “I’m just doing my best to be a man at this point. I don’t shy away with my age and responsibilities. 

“I take full accountability for my life and my mistakes, and at the same time, parang, in a way, whatever me and Chie have, parang, this is the best, this is the most rational, most logical I’ve been.”

Text Pamela Torres
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