Here’s What Lee Sang Heon Has To Say About “Secret Ingredient” Co-Star Julia Barretto

Julia also had a memorable experience to share after having worked with the Korean actor

South Korean actor Lee Sang Heon had nothing but praises for his “Secret Ingredient” co-star Julia Barretto.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the “XO, Kitty” star commended Julia’s professionalism during their work on the upcoming series, even amidst her allergies from the seafood they had to handle.

Julia hinted that many dishes they prepared included seafood, which she jokingly referred to as her new “friends.”

“We dealt with a lot of seafood, so I drank a lot of antihistamines, but now, I’m friends with the shrimp, crab, and lobsters,” Julia said.

These moments stood out for Julia, who remembered Lee Sang Heon cooking a meal when hunger struck and relying on antihistamines to combat her allergies.

“The super fun fact is while we’re filming since we’re filming in the kitchen, and he got hungry, and then he comes out of the kitchen, and he cooked something,” she said. She also noted filming in an actual kitchen provided with essential tools.

“Every time Julia came on set, she tried to be as happy as possible. Even if she feels sick or tired, she never lets that become an excuse. She always tried to make sure once the cameras were rolling, she got the take perfectly,” Lee Sang Heon said.

Julia described Lee Sang Heon as a co-star who consistently lightened the mood during stressful moments. “Coming from how he was on the set when the pressure is real, and there’s a bit of tension already as we need to get things done, I do notice his effort to break that.”

“And to make people laugh and smile. He is the type to notice when you’re feeling down or tired or thinking about something,” she continued.

Julia also shared that Lee Sang Heon regularly checked in with his co-stars and the production team.

“He always asks, ‘You good? Are you all right?’ I think it’s that constant checking in and constant effort to keep it light. The takeaway is when the tension arises, he always finds a way to keep the humor and to smile,” she said.

“Secret Ingredient” is set to premiere on Viu in April 2024.

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