Posten’s Christmas Ad Celebrates Love and Inclusivity with Gay Santa

Posten Norge, a 375-year-old postal service in Norway, posted a cheerful commercial ahead of the Christmas season. For the first time, we see Santa Claus snag a boyfriend as Posten’s advertisement aims to promote inclusivity and celebrate all kinds of love.

Posten's Christmas Ad Celebrates Love and Inclusivity with Gay Santa
Photo: YouTube/Posten

When Harry Met Santa

The four-minute video titled “When Harry Met Santa” is a nod to the 1989 romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally” starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. In this advertisement, well-known Scandinavian actors Johan Ehn and Terje Stromdahl play the lead roles. It’s a production of B-Reel Films and made by the Norwegian creative agency POL.

Celebrating All Kinds of Love

They dropped Mrs. Claus from the narrative in favor of a more inclusive perspective. It starts as a long-distance relationship in which the protagonists only briefly see each other on Christmas Eve because of Santa’s hectic schedule.

The pair continue their annual rendezvous, where they exchange glances and gifts before parting ways again. After the course of a few years, Harry is seen addressing a letter to the North Pole. “All I want for Christmas is you,” he writes. Santa grants his wish by enlisting Norway’s Posten to assist with deliveries, and the two are finally able to spend more time together. The scene ends in a kiss and loving embrace.

A Message of Inclusivity and Flexibility

“This year it’s all about love — highlighting the fact that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Norway,” Posten stated. “In addition to showing the flexibility of our services, we want to put it in a socially relevant setting.”  

Posten, which is owned by the government and employs 14,000 people, has a diverse workforce in terms of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity, according to Reuters. Its spokesperson said the ad aims to make everyone “feel welcome, seen, heard, and included,” and that the response was “overwhelmingly positive.”

Art Daniella Sison

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