How does Sam YG deal with hard CEOs?

Sam YG reveals that there was actually a shortlist of hosts before he was finally chosen to host the Pinoy version of “Nego King.”

He said this during a round-table interview with FreebieMNL and other entertainment media at the press launch of “Nego King” on February 2, 2023.

When it comes to the other hosts in the shortlist, he says, “Hindi ko na tinanong kung sino kasi ayoko nang marites marites, naku! Ayoko na malaman. Basta for me, let me know ano itong ‘Nego King.’ Ano yung concept, yun yung gusto kong malaman. Kasi yun yung mas importante sa akin. It’s not the shortlist, it’s not who you’re up against, di ba? It’s what do we have to do and can we make it effective and how can I be an effective host.”

But Sam clarifies he no longer had to go through auditions, just Zoom calls with producers who are abroad.

“Nego King” is the Pinoy adaptation of South Korea’s hit web variety show of the same title. It is produced by Kroma Entertainment’s ANIMA Studios and A+E Networks Asia. The show premiered on February 8.

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Sam YG as the Nego King

In “Nego King,” Sam YG roams the streets of Metro Manila to interact with potential customers and ask how they feel about a certain product and if they will purchase it. As the “Nego King,” Sam will use the sentiments of customers to negotiate the best possible deals with CEOs and business owners, allowing viewers to get huge discounts or freebies.

Sam tells the press that, given the show’s popularity in South Korea, it is both an honor and responsibility to become the “Nego King.”

He shares, “It’s an honor kasi we all know the show in Korea is such a success. But also, with that honor comes great responsibility, as in great shoes to fill. So, I always love a good challenge. I believe that if you are in any industry, if you don’t challenge yourself, hindi ka rin mag-gu-grow.”

Sam YG as Nego King
Sam YG hosts “Nego King Philippines”

Sam had to watch and study the Korean version when he learned that he was part of the shortlist of hosts.

“I had to watch it. Noong itinawag sa akin, honestly, hindi ko pa alam ano yung ‘Nego King. [Sabi sa akin], ‘Ito, panuorin mo.’ So, hanap ako, research ako. Ang dami na pa lang episodes! Nasa season four na sila. Doon ko lang nalaman. So, I studied it. Okay. I’m game for this kind, kaya natin ‘to. Masaya gawin sa Pilipinas ‘to.

Sam is also confident that Filipinos will love the excitement and comedy that “Nego King” brings to the table.

He shares, “Pasok siya based on how things went so far when we were shooting. Basis ko kasi diyan, kapag nag-e-enjoy yung crew. Kapag sila mismo, nag-e-enjoy, yung mga cameramen, natatawa-tawa, nagshe-shake yung camera, meron tayong ginagawang tama dito.”

What adds to the challenge is that they don’t necessarily follow a script and everything is raw. Sam explains, “Meron lang director for the cameras pero yung script, halos wala, raw. But they have to tell me, ‘Sam, kakausapin mo itong CEO, ikaw na bahala kung anong tingin mong best deal na makukuha mo dito. Let’s say itong tissue holder na ito, presyo niya, 500 pesos, ikaw na bahala. After hearing the people and their thoughts, i-nego mo yun.

Kaya may pressure din on me which I like kasi I also do not know how it’s gonna end. At saka may times, hindi sila papayag, so isa kailangang mag-adjust. Either ako mag-a-adjust ng presyo, ine-nego ko, or sila.”

Dealing with CEOs

During the interview, Sam was also asked about his experience in dealing with different CEOs and businessmen.

According to him, the staff only calls the CEOs to make sure they are available for interview. However, they do not know what will happen during the shoot.

“We try to call if we can interview them that day para at least, nandoon sila. But they don’t know what’s gonna happen. Para lang nandoon sila kasi pupunta tayo do’n, wala naman sila. E, di pack-up ang taping, e, limang oras tayo nag-i-interview ng tao ta’s walang mangyayari.”

In fact, Sam himself do not know the set of questions he had to ask the CEOs. He also had to “read” the mood of the person he’ll be negotiating with.

He says about dealing with them, “Depende sa aura, e. Kapag papasok ka sa kwarto, kukumustahin mo. Ito ba yung type na mukhang tsi-chika muna tayo or business na ito? May mga tao na straight to the point, merong masahe masahe muna, PR PR. I think that’s where I come in as a host na magawa yang bagay na yan.

So far, has he dealt with hard CEOs?

He answers, “Meron din, meron ding mga very very hard. They probably know their products are doing well or they don’t need any support. But when you talk to the people, iba pala perception nila sa product. Akala nila, ‘Hindi, okay ako dito.’ Pero kapag tinanong mo mga tao, ‘Hindi, bumili ako niyan, hindi sulit.’

Of course, he had to address these to the CEOs. “Sir, may nakausap kami, ito sabi. So, it’s up to you. Basta I’m the messenger. This is what the person said about your product. What you want to do with it, it’s up to you.”

What reactions do he get? He answers, “Yung iba, nagugulat.

So far, Sam YG has not experienced any CEO who threw a fit on the set. But, he admits, “Di ako magugulat kung mangayayari yung episode na ganon. Kasi, siyempre, in a negotiation, you want win-win. But these stories happen. So far, again, wala pa, but if it happens, we have to air it.”

New episodes of “Nego King” air every Wednesday on ANIMA Studios’ YouTube Channela nd LazLive on the Lazada app.

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