Actress and TV host Alex Gonzaga recently confirmed news of her miscarriage on Instagram.

In a post, she shared her thoughts on the sad experience, along with photos of her at the hospital with husband Mikee Morada.

“[Two] months ago we found out that I was pregnant and [three] weeks ago, we got a heartbreaking news that we might be having an anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum),” she wrote. “Our doctor advised us to wait for the process to naturally take its course. So we had to wait for a while for the pregnancy to finally end before we can tell our story.”

A blighted ovum occurs when an early embryo either fails to develop or stops developing altogether, causing it to be reabsorbed back into the gestational sac. The condition causes one out of two miscarriages in the first trimester of pregnancy.

“Everyday we were clinging on to a miracle that an embryo would still appear but last Tuesday (Oct12), the Lord’s will prevailed and we finally closed the book of our first pregnancy,” she continued. “We share our story to give hope that in the midst of this pain and loss the Lord will always sustain you.”

The popular vlogger also shared words of comfort to other parents who might’ve gone through the same experience. “To any couple who’s going through this or who might go through this pain, don’t ever lose hope. It’s not your fault this happened. At your own pace you can start to grieve and heal,” she said.

Talk of the miscarriage first came to light when talent manager Lolit Solis told Instagram followers that Gonzaga had been saving the news for an “exclusive” update on her vlog. “Very petty, isn’t it?” she said in reference to Gonzaga’s family. “You’re hiding the news just for a vlog? Alex is married, and how to keep that medical record?”

Solis’ comment led Morada to fire back in a comment, calling for “respect.”

“Don’t make up a story in this kind of situation, especially since you don’t know the real story. Thank you,” he wrote.

Art Daniella Sison

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