Sunshine Dizon Opens Up About Her GMA Comeback

Sunshine Dizon: “Kahit anong gusto mong bumalik, kung walang offer, hindi ka makakabalik.”

Sunshine Dizon speaks up about her talked-about return to GMA Network after almost two years.

In 2021, reported that Dizon accepted a project in ABS-CBN after the end of her contract with GMA Network. The report came after her Kapuso show, “Magkaagaw,” ended its run. Dizon went on to do two projects with ABS-CBN. These were the teleserye “Marry Me, Marry You” and the digital series “Saying Goodbye.”

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Early this year, reports said Dizon will join the cast of the upcoming Kapuso series, “Mga Lihim Ni Urduja.” GMA Network confirmed this after uploading photos from her first taping day.

The truth behind Sunshine Dizon’s transfer in 2021

In Dizon’s guest appearance in “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on Monday, February 13, she talked about the story behind her departure and comeback to GMA Network.

In the episode, Dizon tells Abunda that she was offered a contract renewal in September 2021. “The truth is, I was offered a contract around September…and for personal reasons, I opted not to sign immediately.”

The homegrown Kapuso actress admits at that time, she was looking for something else. “Somehow I felt like, you know, life happened, pandemic happened. I got lost along the way. I wanted to do a lot of things. I wasn’t sure for what I wanted.”

When “Magkaagaw” ended in March 2021, she was supposed to sign the contract. However, she decided, “I think it’s more on I felt like I needed to grow, I needed the experience.”

It could have been out of familiarity or routine—being in GMA Network for almost 25 years. She started her career in GMA in 1996 via the afternoon series “Anna Karenina.”

“Tito Boy, I’ve dedicated more than half of my life to my home network. This was the very, very first time that I would be allowed to work outside.”

Sunshine Dizon did not burn bridges with GMA

Dizon also clarifies she had a proper conversation with GMA executives and even her producers before making her decision.

She says, “That’s why I said before nga na I never burnt bridges. All my nanays, everyone, I told them, I asked permission, I just wanted to grow. You know, when you’re always in a certain box, you’re always in your comfort zone, how will you be able to grow? I want to experience something else.”

Abunda then asks Dizon why she returned to GMA Network. Dizon answers: “Because, actually, I don’t have a contract with [ABS-CBN]. I’m a freelancer. I’m free to work with anyone I want to.”

Dizon also now prefers to work that way. She explains, “I’m turning forty this year. I actually like the feeling of that kind of freedom to actually work for anyone I would want to work with or anyone who would like to work with me.”

She admits, “Now that I’m back here, I honestly don’t know what this new chapter will bring me.”

Sunshine Dizon on her bashers

Dizon also took the opportunity to speak to her bashers about her loyalty.

She tells Abunda, “I also want to correct, because some people have said a lot of hurtful things that, you know, I wasn’t loyal, I wasn’t like this, pera-pera daw etc, etc. And then next, parang GMA, you know, was very happy to let me go.”

In fact, Dizon has actually turned down six teleserye offers from GMA Network after her project with ABS-CBN.

She says about this, “I want to clarify, sa mundo natin, kahit anong gusto mong bumalik, kung walang offer, hindi ka makakabalik. That’s what our world is.”

Sunshine Dizon thanks ABS-CBN

After her appearance in “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” Dizon took to Instagram to clarify again her side about her comeback.

In the post, she thanked ABS-CBN for welcoming her when she decided to spread her wings.

She says, “I did two projects with ABS-CBN, and they welcomed with open arms and warmth. I never signed anything, I was on a per-project basis. I will always be grateful and I can only hope that working for them made me a better actor, producer, and co-worker. I have learned so much and I will treasure not only the opportunity they gave me but the friendships I gained.”

She has also discussed why she chose to decline six teleserye offers from GMA and went on a hiatus.

“I chose to be on hiatus for almost two years. I turned down about six offers from GMA only because I know I wasn’t ready. I had some growing up to do and I had to deal with my life, myself.”

Dizon also thanks GMA Network for the chance to work with them again and reunite with her dear friends. In the end, Dizon is happy that the “war” between two networks is “over,” pertaining to the Kapamilya-Kapuso collaboration “Unbreak My Heart.”

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