Valorant Meme Lord Lance ‘Finest’ Arcilla Passes Away At 21

“Revive me, Jett, revive me! Jett, Use your ult! Revive me, Jett!”

Due to undisclosed health issues, Valorant streamer Lance “Finest” Arcilla passed away at age 21 on April 10, 2022.

Lance was able to coin the phrase “Revive me, Jett.” which soon became an international meme for Valorant players. This phrase went so viral that Valorant themselves made a spray dedicated to said phrase. Valorant’s voice actors even paid tribute to the meme by sampling it in an exclusive interview

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The origins of this meme started when Lance died in-game and requested Jett to revive him. In the game, Sage is the one who resurrects people, not Jett. It was Lance’s plea to his allied Jett that made the meme legendary. 

From animations to recreations, “Revive me Jett!” became an iconic Valorant meme within the community by being used in compilations, video titles, and catchphrases in the game. 

It truly is a sad month for the people he made smile, and it is even more painful that it was only today that people finally know his real name. 

The Valorant community reacts

The Valorant community soon heard the news of Lance’s passing and tweeted their tributes. Tributes including the Philippine e-sports team, Team Secret, tweeted: 

Rumble Royale similarly tweeted their tributes, saying, “Your duty may be over in this world, but you will never be forgotten.” 

If only there were a way to revive you, Lance. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Feature Image Daniella Sison

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