Here’s Why Liza Soberano Was Picked Over Other Hollywood Actresses For “Lisa Frankenstein”

Liza is working with Zelda Williams, daughter of the late comedian Robin Williams

Liza Soberano is about to make her highly anticipated Hollywood debut this February via the upcoming film “Lisa Frankenstein.”

This horror-comedy film is directed by Filipino-American Zelda Williams, daughter of the late comedian Robin Williams with Fil-Am Marsha Garces.

In an interview with TFC News Hollywood, Zelda shared how she convinced Liza to be the lead actress in her movie, beating out other Hollywood actresses for the role.

She revealed that Liza initially thought she was joking when she offered her the opportunity to audition for the movie and read the script.

“When you have to hire people to play sisters, that dynamic is so important. I think Liza thought that I was kidding originally when I told her that she should come in and read for the movie and read the script.

“I think she was like, ‘No, you don’t want me in your movie.’ ‘Yes, I do. You’re brilliant.'”

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In “Lisa Frankenstein,” Liza plays Taffy, the step-sister of the title character, Lisa, portrayed by Kathryn Newton.

Zelda explained that she was struggling to find the perfect actress for the role of Taffy, someone who could play the character earnestly and sweetly. Despite giving notes to other actresses, they were not able to capture the essence of the character. It was through mutual friends in Los Angeles that Zelda got to know Liza.

“I asked her myself, ‘Please, please, will you tape this? I think you’re right for it.’ And everyone fell in love with her. She’s most people’s favorite part of this whole movie,”

Zelda, who makes her Filipino debut via “Lisa Frankenstein,” also pointed out that Liza is part of the reason why she has been inspired more than ever to celebrate her Filipino side.

“She’s the biggest star in my heart. I genuinely love that that’s so much of her life, whereas it was kind of the opposite of mine.”

The daughter of Robin Williams added, “Everyone knew Dad, but they didn’t really know anything about my grandfather or my mom. So trying to grasp that more in my 30s and now that I’m not acting anymore, I can kind of be very much who I am instead.”

“Lisa Frankenstein” is written by Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning writer of “Juno.”

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