5 merienda hacks that will get you through Petsa de Peligro

It’s not easy living from paycheck-to-paycheck. But sadly, that’s the reality for most of us Filipinos. And what’s worse, the idea of petsa de peligro a.k.a the day we *almost* run out of money. But hey, there’s always time to save some money for the future!

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While you re-think your financial plans, we found a way to help you get through petsa de peligro. Yep, there are plenty of reasons to stay hopeful and not stay worried about your next meal. Or in the case of LunchBoxer PH’s list…our favorite time at the office: merienda time! 

Tuna Kariman

Tuna Kariman at home? Yep! Just buy bread loaf, sliced cheese, tuna, bread crumbs, and you’re good to go! Besides, why buy the more expensive ones at a convenience store when you can do them on your own? P.S. You can probably make five to eight pieces of kariman with a single recipe, too!

Healthy tortilla

Who doesn’t love tortilla? And with tuna? Definitely yes! Here are the ingredients you need: lumpia wrapper, lettuce, tomatoes, canned tuna, cucumber, and cheese! Easy, right? And did we mention it’s healthy, too? YASSS!

Turon 2.0

You know what they say, Filipino merienda is never complete without turon! What if we take it to the next level a.k.a. turon 2.0? All you need is to top it off with Merry Moo’s Turon Ice Cream and drizzle it with some chocolate syrup and get ready to experience heaven on earth!

Deconstructed Dynamite

No judgments if you’re a basic b**ch. But what if there was a way to turn your favorite pika-pika into something more fun? Yep, we’re talking about the burning hot dynamite minus the lumpia wrapper. All you need are some eggs, cheese, meatloaf, breadcrumbs, and of course, the sili! Easy peasy!


Ginamit ko lang kung ano meron sa ref namin kaya kulang-kulang ? #TikTokEatsPH #FoodieTokPH #SummerEats #lunchboxer #tiktokphilippines #fyp? #fyp

? Some – BOL4

Corned Beef Pizza Roll

Who would have ever thought that you can make a pizza roll with corned beef as filling? Well, surprise! Because you actually can! Just some cheese, canned mushrooms, tomato sauce, sliced bread, eggs, breadcrumbs, and you now have a sumptuous merienda at your table! 


Easy dinner date dish ft. Highlands Gold Black Pepper Corned Beef made from 100% pure beef and real ground pepper #LockdownKitchen #GoForHighlandsGold

? I Can Feel It (Christmas Instrumental) – Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

Ready to start cooking in the kitchen? You can find more easy to make recipes for food and drinks at LunchBoxer PH’s Instagram and TikTok page!

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