Gorudo: Get Ramen With Unlimited Noodles, Only At This Hidden Gem In Quezon City

Yes, unlimited noodles for a bowl of delicious ramen is within reach!

On a rainy night recently, my friend M appeared at my condo looking worse for the wear. It was not without cause, because her grandmother had passed. She was at a loss, and she needed someone to be with. After a few hours of bonding, she declared she wanted ramen. That was when she invited me to one of her favorite secret spots: unlimited noodles for ramen at Gorudo.

Gorudo Ramen is the gold standard

The Japanese word Gorudo, when roughly translated into English, means “gold.” It made sense that M was looking for something akin to sunshine for the cold night and her empty heart. M and I prefer different kinds of comfort food. I’m not a soup girl…but I am into Japanese food in general. Besides, this was not about me.

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Tantanmen ramen with unlimited noodles

So off to Gorudo we went, specifically the Cubao branch since it was the nearest one. We entered the cozy restaurant with a rousing “irasshaimase” from the staff. The aircon was cold and their service was fast. I couldn’t help comparing it to my favorite Japanese restaurant. That said, I enjoyed myself.

The moment the food started arriving, I was feeling enticed enough to try their ramen myself!

A Little Dinner, A Lot of Warmth

We ordered quite a few things off their menu. M and I had bowls of ramen with the unlimited noodles option, gyoza, and even tonkatsu! Everything was delicious. I had tantanmen, which made me rethink my position on avoiding all soup by default unless I’m sick. It was definitely something I’d go back for!

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Some of the scrumptious Japanese delights on the menu of Gorudo!

Best of all, the whole experience really cheered M up. There was no way the waitstaff could have known why we were there. That means their warmth and kindness were genuine.

Wonderfully, the hearty ramen and tasty gyoza were a great balm for a hurting heart.

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Gorudo Ramen has branches in Lilac, Marikina and Katipunan, Quezon City. Their Cubao, Quezon City branch is currently under renovation. Visit them on Instagram for more information. They are also available for delivery via Grab.

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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