Hot and Cold: Spicy Chili Oil Ice Cream Spotted in McDonald’s China

Spicy and cold? No, we’re not talking about mint, but McDonald’s China’s recent dessert menu item: the Spicy Chili Oil Ice Cream.

Limited edition

McDonald’s China released the intriguing flavor in January 2021 as part of the “members-only creative menu.” But since it’s a limited edition item, it’s no longer on the menu and was available to customers on January 25 only.


Photos: Twitter/chenchenzh, Weibo

The dessert is served on a cup with McDonald’s classic soft serve, topped with spicy chili oil. Just look at the photo on the left–that’s a really generous serving!

Spicy trend

However, it seems like McDonald’s China was not the first to sell this unique ice cream flavor in their country. In a 2018 article on “Mothership,” it appeared that establishments in Chongqing, China have already been serving their own versions of this dessert.

Photos: Weibo

Even though it’s no longer on McDonald’s China’s menu, you could still buy this dessert should you find yourself in China in the future.

Would you try this interesting twist on the spicy condiment?

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