McDonald’s Brings Back Its Famous Kiddie Parties For The First Time Since 2019

In-store parties are back with Ronald and the gang!

At the height of the pandemic, McDonald’s Philippines canceled all kiddie parties nationwide.

“Nothing is more important than health and safety,” the fast-food giant said in a statement.

They offered full refunds to affected parties. McDonald’s also assured its customers that in-store parties would return as soon as possible. That time has come.

Kids can finally celebrate their birthdays at a McDonald’s branch near them. (Kids at heart are welcome too.) Birdie, Grimace, Hamburglar, and Ronald McDonald himself are back!

Party packages come with balloons, decorations, food, giveaways, hosting, invitations, and party hats. McDonald’s will also give the celebrant a very special gift. But celebrants will not get to blow out any candles. McDonald’s encourages families to find a safer alternative to that particular tradition.

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McDonald’s will also provide continued room sanitation during kiddie parties. This will ensure attendees’ safety. In turn, McDonald’s requires attendees to practice social distancing and wear face masks. The only time they can remove their masks is when they’re drinking or eating.

If you and your children aren’t comfortable with a public party, McDonald’s will bring the party to you! Interested customers can order Party Boxes. A box for five comes with drinks, fried chicken, a spaghetti platter, and party favors.

What are you waiting for? Celebrate your birthday at McDonald’s while you can!

Featured Image Macky Arquilla


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