Pamper your Pinoy palette with Potato Corner’s new “adobo”-flavored fries

The “pambansang fries” are here!

Pamper your Pinoy palette with Potato Corner's new "adobo"-flavored fries
(Image: Potato Corner)

The fact that the Philippine government created a committee to decide what is “standard” adobo highlights the fact that Filipinos love adobo. If the meat exists and there are spare soy sauce and vinegar in the pantry, you can bet that we’d turn it into a quick and easy fix of adobo. Our love for the garlicky treat even goes beyond borders. Think about it: there’s a reason every international artist who visits the Philippines only ever learn at least two words to pander to our people: a generic greeting in the local language, and — yep — “adobo,” specifically in the context of tasting it and loving every bit of it.

Usually, when we eat adobo, we take it with a side of piping-hot rice for a meal — but as a snack? It sounds a bit weird, but only until Potato Corner came up with a pretty strong argument for it. Enter their new adobo-flavored French fries!

Yes, the popular French fries chain has come up with a treat that tastes like the quintessential Filipino ulam in all its peppery, savory, and garlicky glory.

The fries aren’t coated in sauce, though, but dredged in adobo powder that’s likely to leave tinges of bay leaves, pepper, garlic, and onions in your mouth.

The new flavor comes in all of Potato Corner’s signature sizes: Regular (P29), Large (P55), Jumbo (P85), Mega (P110), Giga (P179), and Tera (P209). The adobo flavor is only available in select branches for the meantime, but if the zany combination clicks, we’ll most likely see it in more Potato Corners outlets nationwide. Check here if the new flavor is stocked in a Potato Corner store near you.

What other Filipino favorites can Potato Corner turn into a French fries flavor?

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