Recreate These Recipes From Classic Christmas Movies

Sure, Christmas is about bringing joy into each other’s lives and being together with the people we love. But let’s not deny it, it’s also about the food. A huge part of what we all look forward to this holiday season is the delicious Christmas dishes we get to eat while celebrating with our families. And that doesn’t just hold true for real life, we see this in movies too! 

The food that characters of Christmas movies share in a scene – whether it’s an important one or not – with the people around them has always been significant. Here are some recipes from food YouTuber Binging With Babish that can help you recreate some delectable picks you recognize from holiday classics. 

The Roast Beast from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The scene where the Grinch – someone who once hated Christmas and planned to destroy it – carved the roast beast and passed it around was a simple yet significant one that showed the shift in how he viewed Christmas. This roast beast wasn’t just a dish, rather, it was one of the many things that he and the Whos were now able to celebrate and bond over. 

Hot Chocolate from The Santa Clause

When you heard Judy the Elf say that it took 1,200 years to perfect her hot chocolate recipe, didn’t you also want to know what the concoction tastes like? You may not have an ancient elf to make it for you before telling you what it means to believe in magic and the true wonders of Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a version of this rich drink.

Banoffee Pie from Love Actually

This banoffee pie may not seem that memorable in the movie at first, but it is the pie Keira Knightley’s character offers her husband’s best friend before one of the most iconic scenes in the film. Visiting under the pretense of being in the neighborhood and wanting to offer him some pie, she finally sees the wedding footage that changes their entire dynamic. You may not be offering to swap the pie for a wedding tape, but here’s a take on the banoffee pie you may want to try. 

Peking Duck from A Christmas Story

One of the most memorable scenes of this Christmas comedy is when the family finds themselves having to spend Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant. While there’s been a lot of criticisms about how Chinese-Americans are portrayed in this particular scene, many people still want to try Peking duck as the holiday turkey alternative it was presented as in the movie. Here’s a take on the dish as a Christmas dinner centerpiece:

Dessert Pasta from Elf

Okay, so maybe you’re less likely to seriously try this one. Buddy’s pasta – made up of spaghetti, assorted syrups, and a lot of candy – doesn’t exactly seem appetizing. But, if ever you’re in the mood to whip up a plate of something weird for Christmas or something you can dare people to eat as a consequence for losing those Christmas party parlor games you’re having at home, Buddy’s go-to food may be perfect for you.

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