Rice Cookers Can Do So Much More Than Cook Rice

Maybe you just moved out and haven’t bought other kitchen appliances or your dorm doesn’t allow stoves; For whatever reason you’re stuck with only a rice cooker at home, don’t fret because you’ll still be able to cook some of your favorite meals. All it takes is a little creativity and resourcefulness.

Other Grains

Oatmeal, quinoa, and barley can also be cooked in this appliance. Just adjust the amount of liquid needed or swap out water for vegetable broth for added flavor.



The obvious would be to make boiled eggs or you could make spinach frittata instead. Grease your pot with cooking oil before placing in your whisked eggs, add seasoning, then top with spinach and cheese. Put on the lid and press cook, and in a few minutes, breakfast is ready.  

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Pasta dishes are one-pot meals that are rice cooker friendly. Cover the dry pasta with water, salt, and a teaspoon of oil. Cook until al dente, stirring occasionally to prevent the pasta from sticking. Once the water has evaporated, pour in your store-bought pasta sauce of choice and canned protein to complete the dish.

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Instant Noodles

For days when you just can’t be bothered, instant noodles are your best bet. It’s hard to mess up, easy to elevate, and inexpensive. Fresh herbs, frozen veggies, or sriracha can enhance any dish.

Tip: Heat water in the pot before placing the noodles or else you’ll end up with mush.

Steamed Vegetables

Most rice cookers come with a steaming basket which comes in handy for vegetables, dumplings, or even fish. Just place it on top of the water-filled pot and let it do its thing.

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Rice cookers are ideal for making soups because of the “Keep Warm” function. Carrots, celery, and potatoes are common ingredients in soups — just throw them in the pot with water or broth and let it simmer. You can add shredded rotisserie chicken to cut the cooking time and turn it into a heartier meal.



Making deserts in a rice cooker is possible, too. Although you can’t bake with it, you can still make something equally delicious. Check out this simple chocolate cake recipe that only uses 5 ingredients.

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This may come as a surprise, but the classic Filipino dish can also be made with this appliance. Some people have even been successful with making sinigang and curries.

WATCH: Rice Cooker Chicken Adobo Recipe

Rice cookers are underrated appliances, and these recipes prove that they don’t have to be limited to rice dishes.

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