Sip on these Cowboy Bebop drinks while watching the live-action

The live-action version of Cowboy Bebop is finally here! Streaming platform Netflix just released all ten episodes in one go so you can binge-watch to your heart’s content. 

Fans of the show have been awaiting this moment to watch and see if Netflix’s version compares to the beloved anime. Now that it’s here, time to sit back, relax, and watch. 

But before that, why not make your watch party fun by making drinks from the classic anime itself? YouTube channel How to Drink is a big fan of the anime and recreated three drinks from the show. 

Fully immerse yourself in the live-action by trying these drinks from Cowboy Bebop!

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Prairie Oyster

In the anime, Spike Spiegel would make this drink from time to time as a cure for his hangovers. It’s made with gin, raw egg yolk, hot sauce, and pepper. 


The Cowboy is a drink that Jet Black orders in a bar on Callisto. According to Jet, it’s made with whiskey. 

Vodka Toddy

This drink comes from a scene where Faye Valentine drowns her sorrows in vodka, and ends the night with a Vodka Toddy to make herself feel better. In the show, it’s just hot water and vodka but watch how Greg, AKA How to Drink, changes it up. 

Check out How to Drink’s Cowboy Bebop recipes to see how he improves on the anime’s drinks!

Ready to watch the show? You can watch on Netflix here

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