Uncle Roger reacts to egg friend rice recipe by the BBC — and it didn’t go well.

UPDATE: It looks like the viral reaction of Uncle Roger really took off — but has quite an interesting development. Comedian Nigel Ng (who lives in the UK) was able to get in touch with Hersha Patel, the host of the cooking show and it looks like they’re working on a collab. The comedian also reminds everyone to be nice and not troll her on social media.


Here’s the most viral thing this week!

Comedian Nigel Ng, famous for playing his Uncle Roger persona with an exaggerated and stereotyped Chinese accent has reacted to a cooking video by the BBC on fried rice with egg.

Yes — fried rice with egg is one of the most basic staples that all Asians know how to cook. From frying the rice to incorporating the egg — there are nuances here and there, but Uncle Roger was truly appalled with how the host (who is British, ergo not Asian) cooked the rice:

  • First off she used a measuring cup for water when in fact all Asians use the middle finger test
  • She did not wash the rice
  • After cooking, the rice looked like porridge which means she added too much water (or too little rice) but she said it was OK
  • She dumped the rice through a strainer and washed it under water!
  • She used a metal serving spoon to scoop it out, touching the pan’s surface
  • She could have used a rice cooker

I mean look, even Jo Koy got it right:


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