Yabu’s new Katsu Baos have gotten all of social media drooling

katsu baos
(Image: Yabu)

There’s never a bad time to get your Yabu fix. When you get that sweet green at the end of the month, you go to Yabu to spoil yourself. When you’re sad, frustrated, or just simply craving, it’s Yabu’s crunchy, juicy katsu dishes that always come to mind first.

Sometimes, though, we yearn to shake things up. Unlimited white or brown rice with your katsu dishes sounds great, but what if it could be even greater? What if the savory meat gets smothered by a soft, pillowy bao?

Ask no more, because Yabu has finally given us the Katsu Baos.


The new Katsu Baos brings three of Yabu’s signature and most popular katsu that are fried to golden-brown perfection down into a flavorful serving of soft steamed buns.

This trio includes the crunchy Chicken Katsu Bao, wrapped in sliced pickled cucumber and drizzled with karashi tonkatsu (mustard-seasoned pork) sauce, Japanese mayo, and onion jam; the zesty Ebi Katsu Bao, paired with takanasuke (Japanese mustard leaf pickles), spicy aioli, and onion jam; and the cheesy Menchi Katsu Bao, sandwiched with pickled cucumber, karashi tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayo, and onion jam. Leave no stones unturned and just try all three by yourself.


Just look at that baby all tucked into its bao bed, ready for our next meal.

Each bao is available for P125, and you can get yours from any Yabu store nationwide or through Yabu’s online delivery service. Just message the nearest Yabu branch near you through Viber and get your bao fix delivered straight to your door.


For more information (and tasty katsu bao photos), check out Yabu’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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