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Get paid $2,400 for staying away from screens for 24 hours

If you need a sign to stop doom-scrolling and get off the grid, this is it.

Life during this pandemic has gotten us all glued to our smartphones, but thinks we can still turn that around with its “24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge.” If you’re “burnt out from doom-scrolling on your phone, re-watching old sitcoms,” or if you’ve “always wanted to win reality competitions… but you’ve been too busy trying to beat Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat instead,” then this challenge is right up your alley.

Get paid $2,400 for staying away from screens for 24 hours
(Image: Unsplash/Glenn Carstens-Peters)

The rules are simple: ditch your devices — and we mean ALL contraptions that have a screen on them — for 24 hours to get the $2,400 reward. Easy, right?

It’s probably easier said than done. That’s because according to’s study, we spend 56 hours and 42 minutes a week on average in front of digital screens, and we check our phones an average of 160 times a day, or once every nine minutes

There’s actually a term for it: nomophobia, a portmanteau of “no mobile phone phobia,” which describes our fear of being detached from mobile connectivity. And apparently, 66% of the world shows signs of having it.

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Anyone who’s 18 or older and eligible to work in the United States is welcome to apply for the challenge. Once confirmed, applicants will have two weeks to either accept or decline the challenge, and will be asked to pick a day that suits their schedule to complete the challenge. Before the challenge starts, participants will be given a safe to store all their devices in and a $200 Amazon gift card to assemble a tech-free survival kit they can use to pass the time. Books instead of smartphones, and board games instead of video games, and paints and brushes instead of selfie sticks are some of’s recommended items in your survival kit.

Anyone who makes it through 24 hours without looking at a screen will be required to submit screen time reports to prove that they really went off the grid. Survive, and the title of “2021 Digital Detox Challenger” is yours (plus the $2,400 of course).

Application is open until March 26, and the official challengers will be announced on’s YouTube channel on March 29. 

Do you have what it takes to ditch your devices?

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