Shopee Budols For Those Living Alone

Are you planning to move out anytime soon? Don’t forget these!

Managing your time is one of the biggest challenges you may face when living independently, whether you moved out for school or just wanted to. You’re in charge of everything, from cooking to doing the laundry to organizing your things. But if you add these Shopee budols to your cart, doing all that will become easier.

Check out our list below.

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Shopee Budols c/o FreebieMNL

1. Mini Fridge

Food and water are essential things you need in your life, and you need a fridge to keep them cool and fresh.

2. Microwave Oven

Heat leftovers the easy way with a microwave. This is one of the Shopee budols perfect for “Netflix and Chill” nights with your next Bumble match, because you can use it to make popcorn!

3. Wireless Water Dispenser

Hydrate with this wireless water dispenser that fits a 5-gallon container. 

4. DIY Tools

Living alone means doing certain things yourself. Use these Tito tools to fix things around the house. 

5. Rice Cooker with Steamer

Extra rice peeps unite! A Filipino meal wouldn’t be complete without rice. This rice cooker also doubles as a steamer. So, you can enjoy frozen dumplings with a click of a button. 

6. 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

This breakfast maker is a great way to combine essential dorm kitchenware. Fry hotdogs on the top, toast down south, and brew a hot one on the side. 

7. Lavish Containers

One of the things you’ll learn upon moving out is how to organize your stuff. These containers are a must, especially for people who want things properly labeled.

8. No Sweat Bottle Opener

We know that some of you can open bottles using a lighter or spoon. But for those who can’t, this bottle opener is heaven-sent. Get this Shopee budol for when your friends come over or for stressful nights when you need a drink.

9. Mini Blender

Bring out your inner barista by trying to fuse drinks with this compact blender

10. Digital Clock with WiFi CCTV

Some of us have fur babies to ease our loneliness. But sometimes we have to leave our pets at home. This clock is a great way to check up on them.

Add to cart!

In conclusion, investing in gadgets that will make it easier for you to go about your day is definitely something you should do. So what are you waiting for? Add these Shopee budols to your cart right now!

Art Daniella Sison

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