Things You Can Do/Eat That Keep You Awake (Coffee is Not One of Them)

In the past decades, coffee has become a rising star and morning staple before our busy days at work or school. But many people say that coffee makes them jittery and sometimes anxious, while others report feeling more tired after the initial “energized” state.

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While coffee culture definitely deserves all its fans, there should still be some other ways to get up and going in the morning. Have a look at this list to find out just what you can do to achieve that!


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Kombucha, a fermented and carbonated tea drink, is a great substitute for coffee. Not only is it healthy, it’s natural and vegan too. Though there is still caffeine is the drink, the extensive list of health benefits definitely outweigh those of coffee, so why not give it a go?


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Did you know apples can actually wake you up faster and better than coffee? Apples contain a lot of sugar that can easily help keep you awake through your morning routine. They’re tasty and healthy — a perfect energy boost!


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This “power food” is a surefire way to keep your eyes open. With sufficient protein and all that healthy bacteria, yogurt is one of the most diverse foods you can eat that benefit your whole body.

Early morning workout

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Bear with us, this one’s not as bad as it seems. The second you wake up, get dressed and put on your running shoes for a quick jog around the block. If you don’t think you can make it that far, immediately start your morning yoga/workout in your living room. While you might feel sleepy at first, the end of your workout will have you feeling ready for the rest of the day.

Open blinds

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Prep for your morning by leaving the blinds either fully or slightly open before you sleep. When that rising sun peaks through the cracks and hits your face, you’ll find that waking up and keeping awake might seem more natural and gentle. Honestly, it beats being woken up by an alarm!

Cold showers

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This suggestion seems like a harsh way to wake up, but it doesn’t make it any less effective. Cold showers are quite literally like a slap to the face, and if you can master the art of taking cold showers in the morning, you’ll see just how much you can get done in one day.

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It can be hard to keep awake with all the things we do on a day-to-day basis, but with these suggestions you might be able to do so without relying on coffee.

Cut back on that Starbucks drink and watch your health and savings grow — it’s possible!

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