portrait of shiba inu dog

Want More Meaning in Your Pet’s Name? Try Out These Japanese-Inspired Pet Names!

Naming your new pet is a big responsibility. It’s the name they’ll carry on their pet tags, the name that you’ll be writing for every document and every vet appointment, and most importantly, the name you’ll be calling out every day.

portrait of shiba inu dog | Want More Meaning in Your Pet’s Name? Try Out These Japanese-Inspired Pet Names!
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Though there are tons of names that have become popular nowadays (hello Luna, Bailey, and Charlie!), it’s fun to take a look into other cultures to see what other names your pet can carry on.

Japanese culture especially, is rich in meaning, so let’s check out a couple of Japanese-inspired names for your pets!


Gin (silver), Shiro (white), Kuro (black)

If your special pal has a specific coat color or eye color, you might want to consider naming him or her after a color in Japanese! Gin, Shiro, and Kuro are all catchy titles for pets with distinguishable features.


Sora (sky), Hoshi (star)

Channel your pet’s connection with nature by naming him or her after a beautiful sunset sky (and a Kingdom Hearts icon) or a shining star.


Nana (seven), Hachi (eight)

Hachiko, the faithful Japanese Akita dog
Photo from Most Interesting Things

These names are those that can easily be attributed to your pet’s birth order! Hachi, however, is a special name that takes after Hachiko, a dog who faithfully waited nine years at a train station for his late owner. Name your pet Hachi for the most loyal companion.


Yoshi (lucky), Hiro (generous), Yori (trust)

Instill some values in your four-legged buddy with these names that emulate a certain ideal. Call your pet Yoshi if you feel that they’ve brought some luck into your life, or maybe Hiro if you’ve experienced some generosity.


Kuma (bear), Tora (tiger)

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Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

What can be cuter than naming your furry companion after another animal? If you’ve got a particularly large dog or a cuddly looking little bear of a puppy, you can name them Kuma. If you’ve got a pet with defined stripes and a feisty personality, try Tora. 


Goku, Levi, Naru

Are you an anime fan? Name your furbaby after the most legendary of characters. (No, Levi is not a Japanese name but it does have a nice ring to it!)

Food and Drinks

Nori (seaweed), Momo (peach), Miso (soup), Mochi (rice cake dessert)

animal dog cute grass
Photo by Kateryna Babaieva on Pexels.com

Easy-to-remember names have gotta be the ones that remind you of food. Momo and Mochi are popular monikers for cute, small pets; Nori, on the other hand, is a great option for sushi lovers and fanatics.

Didn’t find a name you like? There are hundreds of names that you can research in the Japanese language that may resonate more with you. Explore a different culture and give your pet a name he/she can embody best!


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