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Dyspareunia: A Condition That Makes Sex Painful For Some Women

Sex isn’t awesome all the time.

Don’t get us wrong. Sex is awesome most of the time. But for some people, sex is painful and uncomfortable. This is because they have dyspareunia. It’s an actual condition that affects a lot of women.

It may be hard to talk about having dyspareunia. It’s hard-hitting and a gritty reality for most women, but it’s good to talk about it, especially if you have it. It’s about time we talked about it.

What is dyspareunia?

Many women have this condition, but it’s rarely ever discussed. A woman has dyspareunia if she feels some kind of discomfort or pain from penetration. She may feel it during sex when a penis or a toy penetrates her vagina. She may also feel it while inserting a tampon.

It may be a recurring pain, which can occur before or after penetration. Sex, in particular, can be excruciating and uncomfortable. Even after sex, they could feel a sharp pain in their pelvis and vaginal tract.

Dyspareunia is usually felt for hours; for others, the pain can last for days. If not treated, the woman may be unable to stand up, much less walk, due to the pain.

What causes it?

Several factors may cause this condition. A woman who is not well-lubricated or wet could suffer significant pain during sex. The outcome will be the same whether a penis or toy enters her vagina.

Some medical conditions may also be a factor. For instance, a woman may have vaginismus. It means that her vaginal wall spasms involuntarily. A woman might feel pain if her walls close against an inserted foreign object. Vaginal agenesis, or having a vagina that’s not fully formed at birth, could also cause pain.

Even stress can cause dyspareunia. That might explain why many women do not like penetration. They prefer clitoral stimulation instead. Some women avoid penetrative sex altogether. They also do not use menstrual cups or tampons because of the pain.

How to treat dyspareunia

The first thing to do is talk about it with your gynecologist. Any slightly different feeling in your vagina could be a problem, and it’s best to consult a doctor. Don’t be shy to tell your OB-gyne if you feel pain during penetration.

Your gynecologist may prescribe topical anesthetics and other local drugs to treat it. But do not use anything on yourself if it’s not prescribed. It’s also best to use lubricant during sex to lessen, if not altogether remove, the pain of penetration.

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Remember, it’s not your fault if you feel pain in your vagina during penetration. It could be dyspareunia, and the best thing to do is consult your gynecologist for treatment.

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