Manny Pacquiao Launches Dog-Themed NFTs In Honor Of His Late Pet

Manny Pacquiao Launches Dog-Themed NFTs In Honor Of His Late Pet

There’s a heartwarming story behind the boxer’s latest venture.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the most successful professional boxers in history. The world champion is the only boxer to ever win a title across eight different divisions. He’s also a former senator and a presidential hopeful. Recently, Pacquiao launched a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs are in memory of his late Jack Russell Terrier.

What is an NFT?

The non-fungible part of NFTs is the hidden unit of data within the artwork. It uses blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership.

“Non-fungible” means something unique that isn’t replaceable with another thing. For example, you can trade one bitcoin for another bitcoin, but a Pikachu isn’t the same as the Mona Lisa.

Before this collection, Pacquiao launched an NFT project via Ethernity in June 2021.

Introducing the Pacman Collection

Pacquiao’s NFT collection is a tribute to his pet dog Pacman.

The Jack Russell Terrier suffered a freak accident in 2020. Pacquiao started learning about blockchain technology and NFTs not long after. The idea of immortalizing Pacman caused excitement, and the rest is history.

The NFT collection features 9,999 boxer dogs. Each one has visual and skill-based attributes like strength and stamina. Rarity and skill level will determine the NFTs tier. Holders can earn rewards by participating in the blockchain game Pacman Boxing League. Rewards include autographed merchandise, event tickets, or a meet-and-greet with Pacquiao himself.

The tentative mint date for the Pacman NFT is July 15th.

Future plans of Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao is no stranger to trying out new things. His first foray into boxing was something out of necessity. Many still consider him a neophyte politician. Pacquiao also launched a gaming and esports brand, Team Pacquiao GG, in December 2021.

Pacquiao may have lost his bid for the Philippine presidency, but he’s not dwelling on the loss. It looks like Pacquiao will be putting his focus on NFTs and emerging technologies.

As far as the Pacman Collection goes, Pacquiao and his team plan to give back to the community. The Pacman Team will donate proceeds to athletic training schools for underprivileged children. Pacquiao also requested donations for foundations helping stray dogs in the Philippines.

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