Twitter Now Limits The Number Of Tweets Users Can Read

How many tweets can you read in a day?

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, announced temporary daily limits on the number of posts users can view on the social media platform.

On July 1, Elon tweeted about implementing post reading limits to combat data scraping and system manipulation. He first said verified accounts could read up to 6,000 posts per day. Unverified accounts were limited to 600 posts per day, and new, unverified accounts to 300 per day.

Later in the day, Elon tweeted again, indicating that rate limits would soon be increased. The new limits were set at 8,000 posts per day for verified accounts, 800 for unverified accounts, and 400 for new unverified accounts. By evening, he increased the limits to 10,000, 1,000, and 500, respectively.

Elon’s announcement came after many Twitter users experienced difficulties using the platform, leading to hashtags such as #TwitterDown and #RateLimitExceeded. The outage began right after his tweet, resulting in over 7,000 outage reports on DownDetector.

Users encountered issues such as the inability to retrieve tweets and receiving the error message “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.” Some users tweeted how they contacted Elon directly. They expressed their concerns and asked questions on the tweet limit.

This disruption follows a significant service outage in March, one of the largest since Elon assumed platform ownership. The issue affected over 8,000 users of the platform.

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