James Reid Addresses Rumors Linking His Father To Arrest Of Careless CEO Jeffrey Oh

James also commented on the career status of Careless Music talent Liza Soberano

James Reid addressed the allegations surrounding his father, Malcolm Reid’s involvement in the arrest of Careless CEO Jeffrey Oh.

In July 2023, Jeffrey was arrested for allegedly operating without a valid work permit in the Philippines.

Jeffrey is the Korean-American business partner of James who is the founder of talent management company Careless.

In an exclusive interview with “TV Patrol” on September 1, James denied that his dad was among those who had filed complaints against Jeffrey before the Bureau of Immigration.

“This is actually one of the biggest times for Careless. There are so many projects we’re working on and international collaborations coming out soon, but it has been rough,” admitted the actor-musician.

“This year’s been one of the biggest challenges so far, but we’re learning a lot. Honestly, we just keep getting stronger.”

James said that when his father was being linked to Jeffrey’s arrest, his father was equally shocked and confused. He recounted his father’s reaction, saying, “When it came out, [my dad] said, ‘James, what did I do?’ He was shocked.”

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Update on Liza Soberano

In light of the legal issues surrounding the Careless CEO, James reassured fans that Careless Music talent Liza Soberano has exciting projects lined up.

“I just want to let all the fans know that there’s nothing to worry about. She’s preparing something very special for them, so they have something to look forward to,” James said in order to to quell any concerns that fans may have about Liza’s career.

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Despite Careless being a small company, James emphasized their commitment to their talents. He asked fans to be patient with his agency.

“We are a very small company but we’re very hardworking. It takes us time, so, please be patient with us,” he appealed.

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The Bureau of Immigration confirmed that Jeffrey was arrested on July 28 in Barangay Poblacion, Makati for allegedly “engaging in gainful employment” without the necessary business operation documents.

He was released on bail on August 4, but deportation proceedings against him will continue.

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