Why Is “The Flash” Expected To Beat “Green Lantern” As DC’s Worst Box Office Performing Film

The film received mixed reviews from fans and critics, affecting its box-office success

As “The Flash” theatrical run nears its end, it falls short of expectations and lags behind another infamous box office disappointment for Warner Bros. and DC., according to box-office figures.

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“The Flash” takes inspiration from The Flashpoint Paradox, a gripping storyline that delves into an alternate timeline. Bruce Wayne isn’t the Caped Crusader, the Justice League is nonexistent, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman are nowhere to be found.

As Barry discovers the chaotic state of this reality, he faces a daunting challenge to restore the timeline and bring things back to their rightful order. The movie follows his arduous journey as he grapples with the complexities of fixing and returning the shattered world to its “normal” state.

Warner Bros. had grand hopes for “The Flash.” Some studio executives even said it was the best comic book movie ever made before its release.

In its second weekend, “The Flash” experienced one of the steepest declines in attendance for a comic book movie, narrowly trailing Sony’s “Morbius.”

After a month in theaters, “The Flash” has amassed over $106 million domestically, approximately $10 million less than what “Green Lantern” earned domestically. With “The Flash” being shown in fewer than 800 theaters, it is anticipated to fall even shorter. Both movies shared a budget of around $200 million.

“Green Lantern” also faced heavy criticism from fans, even being humorously acknowledged by its star Ryan Reynolds in the “Deadpool” franchise.

Several factors could have contributed to “The Flash”‘s underwhelming box office performance. OIne factor might be the controversies surrounding Ezra Miller, who portrays the Flash.

Additionally, excessively high expectations were set for the movie, with figures like James Gunn hailing it as the best comic book film ever made. “The Flash” is now available for digital streaming.

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