Senator Win Gatchalian Disregards Detractors Amid Bianca Manalo-Rob Gomez Controversy

Win professes his unwavering love for Bianca

Bianca Manalo’s long-time beau, Senator Win Gatchalian seems to be unbothered by the recent controversy involving his girlfriend and her “Magandang Dilag” co-star Rob Gomez. 

On December 20, Bianca, Rob, and their co-star Herlene Budol, made headlines after a series of private conversations between them were exposed without their permission. 

Uploaded and deleted shortly after on Rob’s Instagram account, the photos refer to a series of exchanges between Bianca and Rob, which was taken by netizens maliciously.  

But that did not seem to faze the senator as on Tuesday, December 26, Win uploaded an Instagram photo of a glass of whiskey. It comes with a short caption that outrightly takes a swipe at detractors. 

The caption reads (published as is), “Cheers to the bashers, bitters, negas, at maritesesAng anghang ng chicharon.” 

Senator Win Gatchalian and Bianca Manalo
Senator Win Gatchalian, Bianca Manalo
IMAGE: wingatchalian74 on Instagram

Prior to this, Win has initially uploaded an Instagram photo affirming his unwavering love for the actress. At the same time, he passively tapped on the recent issue of Bianca by pledging that no lies will ever come between them. 

Win writes, “[Bianca] and I share the same values and principles in life. No fake news will divide us apart.” 

This was then followed by a post on December 25, wherein Win greets Bianca on Christmas day. In the post, Win says that he “will always be by [Bianca’s] side.” 

Bianca Manalo releases a statement about the issue 

After getting her name dampened, Bianca has broken her silence on Instagram two days after the issue broke across. 

Her statement reads, “Let me clear all the false rumors circulating on the internet. 

“Rob Gomez and I are friends and co-workers. He was going to bring Christmas gifts and I wanted to receive them early before I leave for the airport. 

“It is upsetting that our conversations were exposed without my consent, which is a breach of privacy and the cause of so much online bashing. It is obvious that parts of our conversation were deleted to create malicious insinuations. 

“To be honest, this unfounded accusation is hurting me and my loved ones. Let this controversy end so I can enjoy the rest of my time in Japan with my family. 

“Let us spread love and the truth this holiday season. Merry Christmas, everyone.” 

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Similarly, Rob and Herlene had also released separate statements regarding the issue. Rob issued his statement through, while Herlene took to X (formerly Twitter) her sentiments. 

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