Food Trend Predictions: What’s Big In 2023?

What are you eating next year?

The food & beverage industry is dictated almost exclusively by trends. But what defines longer-term sustainability for individual businesses is determined by what’s just hype and what isn’t. Every year, fresh trends introduce themselves, ignited by Michelin star celebrity chefs, or viral Tiktoks or movies. Most trends fade over time since the novelty tends to wear off or the market isn’t ready; but some food trend predictions, because of their inherent deliciousness, stick around for the long-haul becoming mainstays in restaurants everywhere.

In 2022, for instance, we witnessed the rise of keto-friendly products, charcuterie, gochujang, and natural wines. Here are our food trends predictions for 2023—for food, eating, drinking, and restaurant menus in general. 

Superfoods will continue to grow in popularity

As we evolve as a species and become more conscious of what we eat, organic, healthy eating will keep growing in popularity (as it should). Whether it’s plant-based or sustainably made, healthy food will only continue in relevance. Even though Beyond Meat sales are down—since it’s not exactly healthy and cheap—in general, we will see much more conscientious eating and superfoods. In other words, Salad Stop will have more competition. We just hope prices are as friendly as the food is healthy. 

Less delivery, more pick-up 

We’ve become far more accustomed to delivery during the pandemic. A few clicks and you have food right at your doorstep. But now as people are venturing out and we’ve reverted to normalcy, expect more pick-up through the very same apps. People have gotten wiser about delivery fees and taxes, and to save that extra buck, diners will make the effort to pick their food up. 

Japanese food will dominate 

This is hardly a surprise. Japanese might be the most dominant international cuisine for Filipinos. Expect more Japanese franchises at your local malls and more queues to get in. The question is, considering our love for all things Japanese: will we see the same izakaya items and ramen, or more specialized stuff like natto, okonomiyaki or koju or even Japanese-Italian fusion? Only time will tell. 


More mocktails, less booze 

A study recently came out claiming Gen Z and Millennials are drinking far less than their predecessors. In fact, in cosmopolitan capitals like New York, there are alcohol-less bars. Sounds bizarre, but booze-free, non-alcoholic drinks are having a moment, as certain demographics have slowly waned on getting wasted. In the US, for instance, booze-free beverage shops are popping up across the country, canned cocktails are being sought all year around, and bar owners are crafting new mocktails and drinks that are tasty and enjoyable and for the growing non-alcoholic market. 

Travel for food 

The rise of YouTube food vloggers like Mark Wiens or Mikey Chen is nothing new, but Tiktok reels of international food have taken hold of eaters throughout the globe. The globalization of eating is being led by Tiktok, with viral videos of food and restaurants from every corner of the world; and as we might know by now, what’s popular on Tiktok tends to become mainstream in real life. Don’t be surprised to hear of more friends booking trips to exotic locations for the purpose of trying new cuisines. Whether it’s local or abroad, travel for food is such an enriching experience and something we strongly encourage, if you have the means. 

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Dining alone 

One thing the pandemic might have taught us is self-sufficiency. At one point in the not so distant past, dining alone might have been considered sad. But with the rise of remote work and flexible scheduling, expect diners to eat where they want, when they want. We are now accustomed to doing things independently. Eating alone is no exception, it’s inherently convenient. And in a post-pandemic, digital world, convenience is king.  


Although we love a good cheeseburger, sandwiches as a category hasn’t really penetrated the Filipino market like other places. But as the consumer becomes more aware of global food trends thanks to the internet, expect more artisanal and internationally inspired sandwiches with exciting ingredients and good bread to hit the market (Salcedo and Legazpi markets, too)—we’re looking forward to well-made tortas, banh mi, pastrami, and grilled cheese to catch on in 2023.

What food trend prediction are you most looking forward to?

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