QC Gov’t Launches Right To Care Card At Pride

Here are the benefits of the Right To Care card

The local government of Quezon City and Mullenlowe Treyna launched the first-ever Right To Care Card at Pride this year. It is the country’s first-ever means to give LGBTQIA+ partners a legal way to make medical choices for each other. Mullenlowe Treyna, a communications agency, initially launched the empowering initiative.

Partners in LGBTQIA+ relationships can now be granted special power of attorney specifically for medical decisions regarding their partners.

Initial announcements about The Right To Care Card’s approval were made via the official Twitter account of the local government:

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Before this Right to Care Card, LGBTQIA+ couples could not make medical decisions for each other. In the Philippines, both marriage and domestic partnerships are currently limited to the union of straight couples.  

This means that LGBTQIA+ partners are unable to make decisions when medical emergencies or extremes arise within their partnership. Even visiting a partner in a hospital can be very difficult for couples who are LGTBQIA+.

In some circumstances, only next of kin are allowed to visit the patient; in general, same-sex partners are not recognized as next of kin. 

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Special Power of Attorney

At the launch of the Right To Care Card at Pride, its benefits were widely celebrated by the crowd.

The Right to Care Card grants LGBTQIA+ couples the same rights as any couple in a civil marriage contract. Specifically, it grants the following rights:

  • Right to choose a doctor or healthcare provider
  • Right to discharge or admit a partner to a medical facility
  • Right to deny or allow any medical procedures or treatments
  • Right to receive their partner’s medical information
  • Right to sign any medical document or waiver
  • Right to care for a partner during hospitalization

Mayor Joy Belmonte shared that the Right to Care Card was thoroughly vetted by a team of lawyers. At the moment, implementation has begun at Rosario Maclang Bautista General Hospital, Quezon City General Hospital and Novaliches General Hospital.

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