What “The 2021 Scent” Candle Smells Like: “Squid Game,” #FreeBritney, TikTok, And Vaccines

As we’re nearing the end of 2021, lists and items commemorating the highlights of the year are starting to pop up everywhere. Although we still have over two months before 2022 arrives, English candle brand Flaming Crap has already prepared their own commemorative item that will make your house smell like the top scents of 2021. 

Called “The 2021 Scent,” this limited edition candle features four fragrant layers with different scents inspired by Netflix’s biggest show ever, Britney Spears’ “Fantasy” fragrance, a TikTok trend, and the still ongoing pandemic.

“To the mark the end of 2021, we’re back with ‘The 2021 Scent’, a sensual journey through the top smells of the year. With four fragrant layers, this candle tells the story of 2021 as it burns. Featuring subtle scents of berries and cream (the ultimate TikTok trend), honeycomb in honor of Squid Game, #FreeBritney, and COVID vaccines,” the Flaming Crap website read.

Last year, the UK-based home business with “politically charged and pop culture-inspired” products also released a commemorative item called “The 2020 Scent” candle. Like its 2021 version, it was inspired by four scents that helped us get through the year: banana bread, hand sanitizer, wood musks (from DIY projects), and the budget aftershave of Joe Exotic from “Tiger King.”

“Following the success of our 2020 Scent, we wanted to mark what was a ‘slightly’ better year,” Flaming Crap’s co-founder, Oliver Burr, said.

“As the candle burns, it takes you through four distinct and unusual layers that complement each other marvelously. Created as a celebration of some of the year’s standout moments, it’s definitely a unique gift for the holiday period!”

Flaming Crap uses vegan kerasoy wax for candles and recycled paper for packaging. Like their other candles, “The 2021 Scent” can last for about 30 hours or 7.5 hours per layer.

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