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If you’ve ever wanted to tune out the trolls that are wreaking idiocy under a heated Twitter thread, this might be your best bet: Twitter is testing upvote and downvote reaction buttons beside the traditional options to reply and retweet.  In a tweet sent out on Thursday, the micro-blogging site confirms that the feature is currently being […]
Don’t you find it bothersome when you see over sexual or violent content on your Instagram feed? Well, the social media giant recently announced that they added a way for users to adjust how tightly they want to filter out violent or sexually suggestive posts while they explore the image-centric social network. Basically, the new […]
It seems like you can post disappearing stories on all social media platforms nowadays. Well, it looks like Twitter is jumping off the bandwagon real soon. The social media giant just announced that they will be removing Fleets in August as it didn’t meet their expectations and it wasn’t able to fulfill much of what they […]
Have the simple star and heart buttons been insufficient in showing your true feelings on Twitter? If so, then you’ll like what Twitter’s apparently cooking up: tweet reactions. Teased by app researcher and well-known Twitter tipster Jane Manchun Wong, the alleged assets that are currently in the works include adding a “cheer,” “hmm,” “sad,” and “haha” emoji […]
Chasing clout and curating feeds on Instagram can take a toll on your mental health, which is why Facebook has finally rolled out the option to hide like and view counts on Instagram posts. While the new feature still shows who liked which post, the exact figures are kept hidden if it’s toggled on. The feature […]
Model and social media personality Hailey Bieber has recently launched her YouTube channel with videos that feature her with famous pals like Kendall Jenner, and others that showcase her style and skincare routine. Last week, however, the Calvin Klein model decided to tackle an issue not commonly seen in celebrity YouTube videos — mental health. […]
Are you a “double poster” on Instagram? That is someone who shares their latest post on Instagram to their stories to alert their followers. If you are, then buddy, we have some bad news: Instagram is looking into limiting their Stories feature by preventing users from linking feed posts. That puppy post that’s so cute that […]

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